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Our main research area is the synthesis of new polymers from biorenewable feedstocks —with the specific intent of mimicking commodity thermoplastics.

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   04.06.2018 The UF Explore magazine highlights Sustainable Polymer research in the Miller Group.
   04.04.2018 Our Journal of Materials Chemistry A review article was selectied as a 2018 HOT paper.
   09.22.2017 USDA-NIFA announces large CAP grant awarded to UF/SPARC to study renewable resources from carinata.
   01.16.2017 Our Green Chemistry paper was selectied as a 2017 Green Chemistry Hot Article.
   03.16.2016 Graduate student Mayra Rostagno wins the 2016 ACS Spring Video Award from the POLY Division.
   02.23.2016 View the magazine article in florida.HIGH.TECH about Gatoresin and Prof. Miller's quest for degradable plastics.
   11.07.2015 View the presentation by Prof. Miller on Utilizing New Feedstocks at the 2015 U.S. Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium.
   08.26.2015 Graduate student Ha Nguyen wins the 2015 ACS Fall Video Award from the POLY Division.
   06.07.2015 Sponsored by the Balard Foundation, Prof. Miller visits Montpellier, France with a TOTAL Chair Visiting Professorship.

Graduate Students
 Florian Diot-Néant
 Olivier Nsengiyumva
 Steven Shen
 Gabriel Short
 Justin Smith

Visiting Students
 Julie Chevillard
 Fabio Ferrari

 Lisa-Ann Ridley
 Jessica Thomas

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 CMSE - The Macrocenter
 Florida Sustainables
 The Cade Prize for Innovation

 Prof. Stephen A. Miller
University of Florida
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Gainesville, Florida 32611-7200
Office: (352) 392-7773
Leigh Hall, Room 318A
FAX: (352) 392-9741
Lab: (352) 392-7243
Email: miller@chem.ufl.edu
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 Program Manager Frank Farley
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