Educational and Professional Timeline

Stephen Albert Miller, Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Florida

 Full Curriculum Vitae (June 2017)

1972 Born, Muncie, Indiana
1990 High School Diploma, Yorktown High School, Muncie, Indiana
1994 B.S. in Chemistry, Stanford University
Academic Advisor: Richard N. Zare
Research Advisor: Robert M. Waymouth
1994 M.S. in Chemistry, Stanford University
Advisor: Robert M. Waymouth
1999 Ph.D. in Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
Advisor: John E. Bercaw
2000 - 2001 Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Advisor: Richard R. Schrock
2001 - 2007 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Texas A&M University
Organic Division, Department of Chemistry
2007 - present
Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Florida
Organic Division, Department of Chemistry
Butler Polymer Research Laboratory
Polymer Chemistry Program

September 8th, 2014
Cappadocia, Turkey

Academic Lineage

Stephen A. Miller
University of Florida
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology 1999
Polymerization Chemistry; Sustainable Polymers; Organometallic Catalysts for Polymerization

John E. Bercaw, California Institute of Technology
Ph.D. University of Michigan 1971
Early Transition Metal Cp and Cp* Chemistry; N2 Activation; CH4 Activation

Hans-Herbert Brintzinger, now at Universität Konstanz
Ph.D. Basel 1960
Chiral Cyclopentadienyl-type Sandwich Compounds; Metal-catalyzed Polymerization

Hans F.A. Erlenmeyer
Ph.D. Berlin 1922
Structure of Biological Compounds; Use of Radioactive Markers

Emil F.G.K. Erlenmeyer Jr.
Ph.D. Göttingen 1888
Cinnamic Acid Derivatives; Asymmetric Synthesis

Emil R.A.C. Erlenmeyer Sr.
Ph.D. Giessen 1850
Synthesis of Tyrosine, Creatine, Guanidine; Erlenmeyer Flask

Heinrich Will
Ph.D. Giessen 1839
Nitrogen Analysis; Reduction of CO with K

Justus von Liebig
Ph.D. Erlangen 1822
Structural Isomers; Development of Artificial Fertilizers

Karl F.W.G. Kastner
Ph.D. Jena 1805
Triboluminescence; Hydrogen/Platinum Reactions

Joahnn F.A. Göttling
Apothecary Langensalza 1775
Chemistry of Hg, Ag, S, P; Oxidation of Organics with HNO3

Johann C. Wiegleb
Apothecary, Langensalza 1765
Founded Chemical-Pharmacy Institute

Ernst G. Baldinger
M.D. Jena 1760
Professor of Medicine; Surgeon in Seven Years War

Christoph A. Mangold
M.D. Erfurt 1751
Professor of Anatomy, Chemistry, and Philosophy; Investigated the Chemistry of Gunpowder

Georg E. Hamberger
M.D. Jena 1721
Professor of Medicine, Surgery, and Botany; Studied the Physiology of Respiration

Data from the Chemical Geneology Database