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5.22.2012  YSAP "Welcome" video created at the Global Young Academy General Assembly in South Africa. View the large version here.

3.21.2011  The Young Scientist Ambassador Program has been Officially Adopted by the Global Young Academy

2.8.2011  Young Scientists Publish Article in CEP about Building Successful University-Business Partnerships

11.19.2010  Young Scientists Tianjin 2010 - IAP Update

11.8.2010  Javier Moguerza delivered a presentation about YSAP at the ICTP after 45: Science and Development for a Changing World Conference

Welcome to the Young Scientist Ambassador Program

Overview. The Young Scientists from the 2010 Annual Meeting of the New Champions (Summer Davos) created the Young Scientist Ambassador Program (YSAP). This program promotes the efforts of AMNC Young Scientists and Global Young Academy (GYA) members to bridge the international scientific gap by facilitating cultural, scientific, intellectual, or educational interactions. The ambassadorships are non-traditional; that is, interaction occurs between two countries that are at different stages of scientific development, or between two countries that historically have had minimal scientific contact.
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Young Scientist Ambassador Program — Charter

2010 Annual Meeting of the New Champions Young Scientist Legacy Proposal

Bridging the International Scientific Gap:
The Young Scientist Ambassador Program

Ambassadorship. The ambassadorship may involve one Young Scientist hosting another, but may also involve just one Young Scientist—serving as either the guest or host—as long as the non-traditional criterion is met. A Young Scientist will operate with the title of Young Scientist Ambassador (YSA). Possible interactions could include but are not limited to those with primary and secondary school teachers and students, university scientists, as well as researchers at national labs, companies, and governmental institutions. Specifically, the YSA will promote science education and research, and build successful industry/university and government/university relationships. More generally, the YSA will forge new ties across international borders.

Governance and Implementation. The founding constituent of this program consists of the AMNC 2010 Young Scientists. Governance will be set up amongst the 2010 Young Scientists to coordinate and administer this program. Requests for funding should be submitted as a simple, two-page proposal with a budget. Proposals will be reviewed by a geographically diverse, seven-membered committee selected by the 2010 Young Scientists, initially consisting of Arsen Arakelyan, Charles O. Esimone, Lynn Loo, Javier Martinez-Moguerza, Maryam M. Matin, Stephen A. Miller, and Marvadeen Singh-Wilmot.

Within one month after the completion of the ambassadorship, the YSA will submit a report detailing their mission. Specific outcomes and impacts pertaining to the long-lasting and multi-pronged upshot of the ambassadorship should be highlighted. This report will be publically available on the program website (see details below).

A central fund will be created in order to offset the expenses associated with the ambassadorship. We will seek financial sponsorships from the constituent National Academies, national and international funding agencies, universities, scientific institutes and companies, as well as the private sector. With funds raised, it is our goal to set up a small endowment to ensure the long-term sustainability of this program.

A website will be developed to disseminate information about the program. The website is designed to add prestige and focus to the program and will serve as a portal for researchers and scientists worldwide. A first step will be to provide contact and background information for the 2010 cohort of Young Scientists so appropriate opportunities and contacts can be identified and established efficiently.

Legacy. Future cohorts of AMNC Young Scientists will be eligible and encouraged to participate in this program. While the mission of ambassadorships may evolve over time, the primary objective of expanding societal cooperation through non-traditional cultural, scientific, intellectual, and educational interactions will remain paramount.

   Download a PDF version of the YSAP Proposal
AMNC 2010 Young Scientists — Roster
AMNC 2010 Young Scientists — Biographical and Contact Information
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9.16.2010  Farewell party for the Young Scientists hosted by the city of Tianjin

9.13.2010  The Premier of China, Wen Jiabao, addresses the Young Scientists and the 1500 conferees of the AMNC 2010

9.13.2010  The Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC) begins at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin, China

9.12.2010  The 2010 AMNC Young Scientists arrive in Tianjin, China

5.10.2010  60 Young Scientists from about 40 countries have been selected to attend the 3rd IAP Conference for Young Scientists, held in conjunction with the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions, Tianjin, China, 13-15 September 2010.

Sponsorship — How You Can Make a Difference

The Young Scientist Ambassador Program is currently seeking Financial Sponsors. Your contributions will help to offset the expenses of a Young Scientist Ambassador, which typically include modest travel, accommodation, and meal expenses. Please contact Young Scientist Stephen A. Miller for information on how to become one of our official sponsors. Even a small contribution can make a real difference as our Young Scientist Ambassadors establish new international ties that will knit our world together.

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YSAP Advisory Committee
Arsen Arakelyan
Charles O. Esimone
Lynn Loo
Javier Martinez-Moguerza
Maryam M. Matin
Stephen A. Miller
Marvadeen Singh-Wilmot